Movement, Empathy and the Longing for Rhythm

A dancer-turned-interaction-designer's perception of perception.
Dirk Platzek // RSE13

Where does rhythm come from and how do we perceive movement? A look at people's ability to store memories and the possible origin of empathy. And why should designers and UX practitioners bother with any of this? We'll see...

Gangnam-Style haut Baby aus den Socken

Dirk PlatzekDirk Platzek

Dirk Platzek is a former dancer and became an interaction designer in 2000 after he graduated with an MFA in 'Design and Technology' from the Parsons School of Design in New York. That year he founded his company Wunschfeld Interaction Design. Wunschfeld's work is concerned with the specific requirements of human perception and strives to create both aesthetically pleasing as well as useful and efficient systems. He taught a major studio class at Parsons MFA programm (Interface Studio) and also lectures regularly at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg (Digital Experiments and Interface Design).

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