Ideas, Tensegrity and My Stamp Collection

Jeremy Tai Abbett // RSE13

We are at an inflection point where ideas made physical are replacing limited resources as the main source of new wealth. In essence, we are traveling along a wave that is about to rapidly fall and then slowly rise as people turn from non-believers into believers, skeptics into users. Is this merely the returning of the consumption material of things? Or is it the shift of something beyond our imagination?

Jeremy Tai AbbettJeremy Tai Abbett

It's not easy sticking a label on Jeremy. Born in Vietnam and raised in Minnesota and Texas, Jeremy is more American than Vietnamese but decides to reside in Germany. Jeremy's higher education has landed him in such diverse places such as Wisconsin, Germany, and Italy. It was in Italy that his focus moved away from the screen and into physical computing working with Casey Reas (processing) and Masimo Banzai (ardunio) among others. In 1996 he co-founded Fork Unstable Media in Hamburg and in 2001 co-founded Truth Dare Double Dare in New York City. Jeremy makes his living consulting for brands and balances this by collaborating with academic institutions in developing projects that lie at the intersection of art and science. And time permitting, he occasionally laces up his skates for a game of ice-hockey.

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