Folk theories about space for folks on ships

Dannie Jost // RSE11

Clouds are not spheres, theories are not truth, folks are not rational. Clouds look like spheres, theories are confusing, and folks are driven by rationality... Chaos and order represent our efforts of trying to make sense of it all. Along the way we discover, and we invent.
The idea is to present a perspective of what folk theories are and how we make use of them to navigate the incompleteness of our understanding of the universe. It is an intellectual adventure, but is it fractal?


Dannie JoostDannie Jost

Dannie spent a few years studying biology, chemistry and physics and living in some cool places then landed in Switzerland to fall in love with a place called Bern. It was love at first sight, and it is a love hate relationship. By accident she was elected to that city’s parliament where she brings her liberal democratic views of governance and discovers that in political life there is a lot of emotion and a bit of rationality at play, and a lot to learn about that thing that they call life.
Her present day job as the science advisor in a university institute where trade law and economics is taught and researched is all about inventing the path between the chaos of human affairs and the Utopian view of how it all should be ordered.

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