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Benjamin Rabe // RSE10

Even though it's key, to me it's not the mobility of fingerpainting alone that kicked in: it's the way creation and reception contracts and thus shortens my learning cycle to a degree that I've never experienced before. It's like I'm speeding through art-land with no police on my heels. /Vortrag in deutsch


Fingerpainting Blog

Benjamin RabeBenjamin Rabe

Benjamin Rabes first digital painting was made back in the 80's on an Atari 600xl in ASCII-Code, when he was 15. Born in the earliest 70s, he painted a 4 piece superhero comic with the age of 12 and painted Escher-style murals in his rural hometown with 17. He went to study Maths&Physics at the Hamburg University with twenty and switched to graphic-design at the age of 24.
Benjamin went to work on corpoarate web projects, eg. for Procter&Gamble and was one of the first European interface-designer to work on a software-project based on agile methods in '98. Freelancing since 2001 he embraced the web2.0-paradigm in 2006 when he became the lead-designer on qype.com's startup team.
But he alway kept leaning towards painting. Enter Brushes 2009 he began enjoying fingerpainting and started the blog fingerpainted.it – to embrace this new world. Benjamin lives in Hamburg and is co-founder of the IAMDA. He has been featured in several international art-shows and is co-organizer of the the international mobile art conference in New York.

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